Thursday, September 21, 2017

Apraxia Speech Therapy The Cure for Anger

Apraxia Speech Therapy Issues
Just about everyone receiving speech therapy for apraxia will have  anger issues.There are emotional ups and downs for many people who have apraxia, dysarthria and aphasia. Imagine waking up one day, and your life is drastically changed.  You are out of work, incapacitated and you find that you have difficulty talking.  All your life Talking was so easy.  You didn't even have to think about it.  You said what you wanted to say, and when you wanted.

And then there's the issue that many people can not understand you.  You say what you want to say, and they just don't get it!  And then you realize that your speech is just like a great big, jumbled up word salad.  You may have trouble walking, and talking. People may have difficulty understanding you, and even one of your arms and a leg on your right or left side may not work very well.

Your friends don't want to come over, and the ones you have are not showing up.  You see them when out and about, and you can't speak clearly to them, and you are afraid they think you are now a mental and physical misfit!

So you are hyper-sensitive, scared, confused, uncertain, and worried if you will take another fall, or choke when you eat and drink.  Life could not be worse.  Many who have this problem at first might have the same feelings of sadness and apprehension, and you know there are some who seem to recover.

So you wonder.  Your family wonders.  When will this pass?  Will your walking, and talking return to the way they were before the stroke?

You get angry; Why?  They don't understand you, and you are depressed that this catastrophic event has happened.

When you get angry, you just want to get away, and not interact with anyone.  It's normal at first.  For those who may be undergoing apraxia speech therapy and have anger issues, here is a an image  that will give you a suggestion of what to do.  

The Cure for anger in apraxia speech therapy?  Love is Caring For Each Other.....Even When you are Angry!