Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Apraxia Aphasia Speech Therapy Can Make You Happy

Speech Language Pathologist
       Moshe Mark Ittleman

Apraxia Aphasia Speech Therapy Can Make You Happy

It is said that education can have a profound influence on how happy we are.  Weakness in any subject, especially when it comes to speaking difficulties, leads to a weakness in thinking which in turn can lead to unhealthy thoughts..

Not Knowing what To Do To Help Your Spouse or Client can be Demoralizing

Unhealthy thinking is demoralizing thinking.  There are those who wish to learn what they can do to help people with aphasia talk better, or parents of children with developmental speech difficulties.  Without education in these areas those who are lacking in knowing what to do can have their thoughts tumble and demoralize into pools of unhappiness and negative thinking.  

Many Spouses are Upset and Unhappy 

Not knowing what to do to help your spouse or client who cannot speak can be demoralizing.  Many Facebook groups include many who are unhappy, and upset because a mate had a stroke and aphasia, and they feel helpless because of no personal control of the situation, and not knowing what to do to help their loved one talk, or they think that only "someone else" can help their spouse speak better.  

Spouses and Therapists Don't Have to Go Back To School to Learn What to Do

You don’t have to go to University to learn what to do.  The information is available.

Apraxia Aphasia Speech Therapy Can Make You Happy

Teaching of Talking Book

The Teaching of Talking, a book, audio book, video training course and private one on one mentoring were developed for family members and therapists of those who have difficulty talking. The Teaching of Talking Method is like a “rule book” to show how family members and therapists can improve speech and language with those who do not talk or for those who once talked prior to stroke, aphasia or neurological insult.  

The Teaching of Talking Method is a What to Do and What Not to Do Method

The Teaching of Talking  Method is a what to do and what not do book to improve talking.  If you follow it, chances are you will be able to help your client or loved one improve talking.

But it’s just a book; a compilation of empowering beliefs and exercises that really will help you learn how to easily stimulate the speech of your loved one or client.
You can order the autographed copy of the Teaching of Talking if you go to: Get the Book

The method and the results you obtain with it will come alive when you mix them and develop a relationship with inspirational author, and expert speech language pathologist Moshe Mark Ittleman, M.S. whether in the online video course Teaching of Talking Online Video Course or within the many coaching opportunities that are available for spouses, family members and therapists.

Coaching is offered online and new opportunities for live group conferences are on the horizon.  Moshe Mark Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLP  has been lauded for his positivity and encouragement which are highly contagious, and therapists and caregivers are inspired by his methods and teaching.  

Inquire today about coaching opportunities and how you can help your loved one speak better.   E mail  You can also visit us at and access lots of information that will help you understand aphasia and what you can do to help those speak better.